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We welcome All Agricultural Industries. It’s our belief that Agriculture and all of its related industries are the most important driving forces in, on , and around our world. Agriculture is often ignored and under-rated. We do not believe that. We enjoy eating and drinking, and we give thanks to Agriculture for everything produced everyday! Bob & Jeff welcome: Vegetable Growers, Fruit Growers, Packers, Shippers, Seed Producers, Seedsmen, Ranchers, Fishermen, Aqua-culture, Dairy Farmers, Cheese Makers, Grain Farmers, Cotton Farmers, and Everyone involved that helps insure our food supply to live and our fabric to protect ourselves. Thank You One and All!!

Our story

Bob and Jeff have worked in the agricultural-industries their entire lives. Bob for 28 years, Jeff for over forty years. Bob is an Ag-economist. Jeff specializes in seed. What’s important to know about Bob is he is a real ag-economist who knows open field crops, vita-culture, wine-making, greenhouse tech, soil erosion, etc. etc.
Jeff has worked in open field farming, chem applications, maintenance and cultural practices, planting and planting distances, seed, harvesting, post-harvest handling, shipping, etc. etc.

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