Beta vulgaris: VARIETIES (round beets require 60-70 days and cylindrical beets 70-80 days depending on planting date, sizes desired and season). Processing Beets Processor specifies; varieties used are: Detroit Short Top and other strains such as Ruby Ball and Scarlet Supreme. Hybrid: Red Ace F1 (Cercospora tolerant). Note: Hybrid beets have the advantage of greater …

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           1.- Origen y significación del azafrán. El azafrán constituido por los estigmas unidos o no al estilo de la flor del Crocus sativus Lin. Constituye la especia cuyo mercado mundial ha sido y es liderada por España no sólo a nivel de producción sino también a nivel de exportación. Aún siendo desconocido el origen …

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Overview: The caper shrub has long branches that sprawl over the ground, trail down walls or slopes, or arch gracefully to form 3- to 5-foot mounds up to 10 feet across. Nearly round 2-inch leaves are dark green and fleshy. Most fall in winter, when the shrub is dormant. Temperatures in the mid-teens will not …

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Fear Mongering

From 2014 THEIR NAMES HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT TO PROTECT THE GUILTY… Dear ………, Experts agree a global food crisis has begun – here’s what to do about it: The US is the number one supplier of corn – without which we lose the ability to raise the massive quantities of livestock needed to feed …

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