Zanahoria Daucus Carota

La zanahoria es una planta de alimento provenida del lugar que conocemos ahora como Afganistán, y estuvo originalmente del color purpúreo. Estuvo probablemente cultivando por la gente antigua pero no fue una planta corriente de alimento. Sin embargo, hasta eso tiempo las especies se pusieron de emigrar a Europa, Asia, África del Norte y más …

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Kabocha (katakana: カボチャ) is a Japanese variety of winter squash. The word kabocha has come to mean a general type of winter squash to many English-speaking growers and buyers. In some cultures it is revered as an aphrodisiac. Kabocha is commonly called Japanese pumpkin, especially in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, and is also …

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Lavandula angustifolia,  L.  x intermedia Market: Lavender is 9,000 Ha worldwide. Market Products: Fresh flower, dried flower, potted plants, and oil {1.3% volatile oil or higher with good color is desired} Growing Culture: Exposure–full sun, Soil–light, well drained, deep, not too rich, pH 6.5–7.5 Only English types are available in seed form. Direct seeding not …

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Organic Basil

Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) All basils are tender annuals and are very susceptible to cold weather. Basil should only be planted when there is no danger of frost. Basil should always be grown in full sun, and in warm well drained soil. Raised beds are highly recommended as they promote good drainage and warm …

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Taxonomists have only recently begun to agree regarding classification of the domesticated species of Capsicum. Although five species are described, only two, C. annuum and C. frutescens have any significance commercially in the U.S.A. Early species separation on the basis of fruit shape, color and position are of little taxonomic value. Flower and seed color, …

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Soil and Plant Nutrition in Asparagus

By Donald E. Brock       I have put together information about soil fertility and plant nutrition from several sources, including a leading university professor and recognized expert from California, an agronomist/fertilizer expert from southern California, and a soils specialist and agronomist from Latin America. Being a third generation asparagus farmer in California and Mexico, and after …

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