Fear Mongering

From 2014

Dear ………,

Experts agree a global food crisis has begun – here’s what to do about it:

The US is the number one supplier of corn – without which we lose the ability to raise the massive quantities of livestock needed to feed the 7 billion people on this planet…

Yet we are currently 5 years into a 200-year drought brought about because we have reduced the quality of the top soil through over-farming the land.

That means less food will be available for everyone – and what food there is will be very low in nutritional value.

And as if the worst drought in history weren’t enough, farmers are begging the Obama administration to stop forcing them to divert food for ethanol production because they believe we are at the beginning of a global food crisis.

If you don’t want your family to be the ones suffering – bellies bloated with malnutrition, suffering from scurvy and other diseases caused by a low nutrition diet – then you better act now to protect your family’s food supply.

For your survival,
……. ……

P.S. You won’t be hearing about this from me again – and if that leads to the worst happening you can’t say you weren’t warned.

From 2014, same day


Dear ……. …… and ……… ……

I’m writing this concise and to the point. Your email ”Global Food Crisis Begins” is ignorant at best! Qualify your entire statement here!. Your using deliberate scare tactics on millions of citizens. And you know were 5 years into a 200 year drought HOW!!
You know we’ve reduced top soil through over-farming HOW! Farmers are begging the Obama administration to op-out of ethanol production??? you know this HOW! and please don’t quote Wendell Berry.
Point of fact, outside of the U.S. 14% of our world’s population are literally starving to death at this very moment! 26% more are worried, truly worried about where their next meal will come from. This (for your education) is called Strife.
The United States food supply and our current drought have nothing to do with anywhere outside our borders.
Do you really think that the grain we grow gets to those starving people?? NO,it goes to people who pay for it! If you were well studied you’d know that many countries will feed their cattle and swine before they’ll feed their own people. I know! I’ve been there to see it!
If your so-called experts agree that a global food crisis has begun then what’s their plan!? I’ve been working a life time trying to plant and feed people and when I bring up the topic of having a global plan to feed the entire world population I’m looked at as altruistic or some hippie liberal. Neither of which I am! My point to my question about your experts is they have no plan to help insure a global food supply. Yours and their plan is all about fear mongering while inducing as much paranoia as possible. Your statement that the United States is forced to import 1/3 of our food is absurd! We import that much because of trade agreements, supply and demand along with a healthy dose of capitalistic greed. No one is forced!
If you insist on expounding dogma then have your facts straight, otherwise give every one and myself a break and shut the hell up!!