Seed Washing Protocol for Untreated Imperial Star Artichoke Seed

Artichoke seed can be susceptible to
seed-borne pathogens that reside in the seed coat. Molds develop during the
germination process and attack the vital growing parts of the seed, potentially
killing the newly emerged seedling. The following is generally considered a
safe procedure for a chlorine treatment to reduce the amount of molds that may
prevent artichoke seed from reaching its full potential.

* Make
a 5% solution by diluting 50 ml of household bleach in 1 liter of tap water.
Use standard household bleach, such as Clorox, with a concentration of 6%
Sodium Hypochlorite before dilution.

* Allow
the bleach and water solution to stand for 30 minutes to equilibrate.

* Wrap
the artichoke seeds in nylon mesh material and completely submerge in the
solution for 20 minutes.

* After
20 minutes of soaking remove the artichoke seed from the solution and place in
a sieve.

* Thoroughly rinse the seed with running
tap water for 10 minutes.

 * Immediately plant the seed while still