Who we are and what we can do for you

Bob and Jeff have worked in the agricultural-industries their entire lives. Bob for 28 years, Jeff for over 40 years. Bob is an Ag-economist. Jeff specializes in seed. What’s important to know about Bob is he is a real ag-economist who knows open field crops, vita-culture, wine-making, greenhouse tech, soil erosion, etc. etc.
Jeff has worked in open field farming, chem applications, maintenance and cultural practices, planting and planting distances, seed, harvesting, post-harvest handling, shipping, etc. etc.
Bob and Jeff can help anyone who needs economic advice, keeping office and regulation records compliant, cash flow and budgets, finding out where all the money goes, field tech, greenhouse tech, seed and planting, post-harvest, local markets, long distance markets, etc. etc. etc.
One must only ask a question and Bob and Jeff will help. Bob and Jeff does charge for Agro-Business consulting, however, any client will receive more in return than any amount given.

For Growers

Our 40 years of field and greenhouse knowledge and experience along with our network of professional agronomists and experts, make your farming requirements a breeze.

Harvest / Post-Harvest – Packers / Shippers

We can make the difference with quality post-harvest control for your produce; we know markets and traders. We know how to make your fruits and vegetables arrive alive. With over 10k worldwide business contacts with wholesalers, distributors and supermarkets, we are able to suggest the best solution to market your production.


We know the quality your clients require and we can recommend the best suppliers with whom to start a solid business partnership. Enjoy our preferential connections with best quality productions.

Digital services

Thanks to our personal knowledge and privileged relationships with web masters, communication specialists and experienced marketers, we can deliver all the top services you need to boost your brand awareness and sales.

Our digital services include SEO, Web and Mobile Platforms, Blogging, Advertisement, and more. All you need to suit your digital necessities from Google ranking to social networks.